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Here are some of the most common questions we get about performing at weddings. If you're question isn't here or you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can we hear you play?

Yes. We highly recommend that you attend a show that is open to the public so you can stay as long as you would like and meet the band. Check the shows page for schedules and be sure and say 'hi'.

I am concerned that a live band will be too loud. Are you able to play at a reasonable volume?

Absolutely. We have the experience, appropriate equipment, and technical and musical ability to make sure we are at the perfect sound level. Our use of in-ear monitors and modern sound reinforcement equipment also eliminates the need for noisy stage wedges that increase volume and are aesthetically unpleasing.

What do you wear to weddings?

We usually wear black pants and dress shirts. This could be dressed up to include ties and jackets. Some people prefer that the band looks more like a "band", than just part of the wedding party, in which case we wear hip jeans and dress shirts that are a little less formal. A clean but edgier look.

Do you travel for weddings?

We certainly do, and we would love to travel to wherever you are having yours! Contact us and we will discuss any details to make that possible.

What is involved in the booking process?

Once we have agreed on the details, a signed contract from both parties and a non-refundable deposit ensures that the night of your wedding is secured. It is very easy.

Are you able to hold a date for me?

We do not have a formal hold process. Availability is given upon request, but the only way to secure a date is through a signed contract and deposit.

Other than the contract price, is there anything else that I need to provide the band?

We request that any applicable parking fees be included as well as a meal at events where food is served. We can make these arrangements during the advanced planning process. The band will also need suitable space and access to electricity (see below)

How much room and power do you need?

An area of 16 wide by 12 deep usually suffices. More area is always appreciated and less can usually be accommodated as well. We typically ask for 3 to 4 separate 20 amp (standard wall outlets) circuits near the stage, to ensure that the night runs without technical interruption due to a blown circuit breaker.

Do we get to pick the songs we want to hear?

Most definitely! Your preferences blended with our expertise will insure that you have a packed dance floor and a night that reflects your individual preferences! Or you could leave the entire thing to us and rest assured that everyone from your grandparents to the youngest people in the room, as well as everyone in between, will have the time of their lives!

What if a band member cannot make my wedding?

This is very serious matter. On your most important day everything must go right. With that said we have an under study for ever prosition of the highest caliber. It is rare that the need ever arises, but we are prepared to provide you with music in any eventuality.

Can you accommodate a special guest performer at my wedding?

We can and we have! Sometimes these are the best moments of the night. Just let us know in advance so we could make that moment the most it could be!

Have you ever performed during cocktail and dinner?

Yes. On occasion, clients request that live music by the full band be interspersed throughout the night. This style of wedding is popular on the East Coast. We would love to do that for you if that is what you would like. This can be a very exciting and stimulating way to plan your evening and you should definitely consider it!


Do you play weddings?

For your once-in-a-lifetime event, put your worries to rest and hire Hooked On Sonics. The band consists of reliable and professional musicians who have performed together at countless weddings and private events throughout the Midwest...weddings

Do you play parties?

We do and have played many. Whether it be outdoors or inside or somewhere in between, we will work with you to make any event you could imagine the best it could be. Some people throw parties every year just to have us play! We hope you will too!

I want to book Hooked On Sonics! What advance notice do you need?

We are glad you asked! The more advance notice, the better the chances of us being able to connect. A small deposit for private events and weddings is all you need to secure Hooked On Sonics for your special date.

Do you guys play Freebird?

Wow. Check out my friend Gregory Hyde's blog post on this subject and you will begin to come close to realizing how we feel about this song! FREEBIRD!!!

Shouldn't you guys be charging more money?

You could pay a lot more for a band and not have anywhere near the good time that you will with Hooked on Sonics. We love playing so much that we want everyone to experience the pleasure of having Hooked On Sonics play for them and we try to make every event a win/win for everyone involved.

What kind of power do you need for your set up?

Although there are really no special power requirements, two seperate circuits that are at least 15 amps will ensure that the night stays running smooth and that we don't cause a breaker to malfunction. If this isn't possible, we can adjust the type of equipment we use to help ensure that the night goes smoothly.

Do you guys take requests?

Sure we do. And if you follow the advice of my friend Gregory Hyde, you may actually hear the song you request! Request Etiquette

I am a coordinator for a venue. How do I obtain a stage plot or any other tech specs?

Thanks so much for taking the time to see that we have the necessary A/V support ahead of time. You rock! Stage Plot

I am an event coordinator. Do you have any promotional materials that I could use?

We do! You could download various graphics as one zip bundle here: Press Materials

Do you have any references that I could talk to?

Of course - and they would be happy to tell you about their great experience with Hooked On Sonics. You could also read some of our testimonials.

I would love to see Hooked On Sonics play live. Where can I find out when and where the band is playing next?

Just check out our events page. You could even sync up with your Outlook calendar or other portable device or import our calendar into your own Google calendar for easy reference! Here is our Google Calendar.

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